Cozumel Island is our happy place. The tiny Mexican island is located an easy one hour drive from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen, followed by a one hour ferry ride across to the quaint island of Cozumel. Ferries run each hour at the cost of approx. $10.50 USD.

Once arriving in Cozumel you will disembark in downtown San Miguel and will instantly be bombarded by spruikers wanting to sign you up for tours, bike hire and beach clubs. We opted to walk straight past and turn right, which is when we came across Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, and we are so glad that we did, it turned out to be the highlight of our trip to the island.

I’m sure many would be wondering how we could be calling this a highlight as Margaritaville is often referred to as very commercial, noisy, full of kids with average food, but Cozumel was soooo different. As you walk into the restaurant the first thing you notice is the island feel, the massive deck out back, and the beautiful blue/green Caribbean Sea.

We headed out back and grabbed a table right next to the ocean, After ordering our Nachos and Margaritas we did what anyone else would do, and jumped off the balcony straight into the Water.

They have massive blow up obstacle courses, and as we were the only ones around we took advantage and behaved like a couple of teenage kids. The waiter even allowed us to have our drinks while lying on the floaties.

When our lunch was ready the waiter waived us down and had a towel waiting when we swam back in, such personalised attention was great. The Volcano Nachos were huge, the Margarita’s awesome and Jimmy Buffet was playing in the background.

As the lunch crowd started to arrive, with a couple of drinks already under our belt, we soon made friends and salsa danced the afternoon away. A great place to go and really let your hair down and enjoy life.

Not wanting to head back to Playa Del Carmen that night, ventured down the street of Cozumel and found a little 2 star Hotel called Agave Azul. It wasn’t the Ritz, but hey all we needed was a bed for the night so we could keep exploring our newly found Island.

This was a great adventure, and the Island really comes alive at night. Tequila, beer and Mexico….. good times.