In our experience people do not follow Facebook pages, Instagramers or websites, people follow people.

A good travel blogger writes about destinations, reviews hotels, restaurants and tours, takes amazing photos, and shines on social media. But what really makes them great is when they allow their unique personality to shine through.

The fact is that you look pretty much the same as everyone else on social media, unless you can “show and tell” how you are different. That’s why we use our personalities to differentiate ourselves from other travel bloggers out there. By being open, honest and “real,” we have the ability to build relationships that go beyond stats and numbers of followers.

To make that oh-so-important impression and invaluable connection, we showcase our personalities and reach our followers on a human level. Stock photos and staid content is not our style.

We allow our personality to show, rather than tell, through our constant videos, professional photography, drone videography, coverage before, during and after an experience, and by delivering exciting blog content immediately after the experience.

Both in our mid 40’s we have raised 2 children, ran successful businesses, taught English to foreign students, renovated houses and developed wisdom. So far we have visited 11 countries on 4 continents and have a pretty solid plan for our future travels.

We have camped in the dense scrub of the Australian outback, bungee jumped in New Zealand, hiked the Great Wall of China, Kissed a Tiger in Thailand, eaten endless amounts of bugs in various countries. Swam with crocodiles, plunged into icy rivers, snorkeled through underground Cenotes in Mexico, and ridden a bull in Texas. We have stayed in the most luxurious of Hotels, are experts in BnB’s, and love to experiences the “rawness” of a hostel in a foreign country.

Our future Travel Plans (rough copy)
2016: Queensland, Fiji,  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
2017: Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos
2018: Taiwan, Philipines, South Korea, Japan, China
2019: Mongolia, Russia and beyond.

How Can We Partner?

We will look at all offers of partnership and sponsorship possibilities, but need to keep it aligned with the interest of our followers. This could include;
Travel gear reviews
Day trips and tours
Multi-day tours
Individual attractions
Adventure activities
Unique food and drink experiences
Transport partnerships
Press trips
Destination partnerships
Press and familiarization trips
Brand ambassadorships
Tourism boards
Travel gadgets
Specific events, festivals and promotions

Sponsorships can range from a review of a day tour, to on-going travel arrangements during our adventures around the world. The above list is not all-inclusive, and we would be happy to discuss any other partnership ideas that might work for your brand.

Social Media Campaigns

For a fee, we can promote your brand through social media using your @ handle to mention your accounts and your specified hashtag to ensure that you maximize your ROI on the channels of your choice.

What we Can Offer During Partnerships

If we partner up, here are some of the things we can offer as part of my coverage:
Social media coverage during trip, experience, including mentions on Facebook, Instagram photos, and use of a hashtag where appropriate.
An agreed-upon number of blog posts after the trip, experience, complete with photos and video content.

Disclosure Notice
In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews or promotion hosted on Tequila Carmel Hits the Road, in exchange for a travel experience will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation in the footer.

Need more information
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